Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player’s world gets Terastallized after Tera Raid

Philip Trahan
pokemon scarlet violet area zero crystal header

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player encountered a strange glitch that Terastallized their entire game world after a Tera Raid.

As many Pokemon fans are aware, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet had a lot of unfortunate bugs after release. While GameFreak has cleaned the experience up to some degree, players are still encountering some pretty strange glitches while playing.

While some of these glitches can prove beneficial, like making it so only Shiny Pokemon can spawn around the overworld, other bugs can actually end up hampering the experience.

Now, one Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has encountered another strange glitch that transformed their entire game world into its Terrastallized form after finishing a Raid event.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bug Terastallizes trainer’s world

The glitch came from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, where user DragonShadow0 posted a short video with the title, “I just won a Grass Tera raid battle, I guess my game also got Terastallized?”

The clip showed the player travelling around the overworld — but instead of the normal textures, everything was displayed with a shiny, sparkly green hue. Evidently, the crystal-esque Grass Tera Raid filter had bled through the overworld and covered each texture.

Players immediately made jokes about the trippy experience the glitch created, as one player asked if “You’ve also been hitting that herba mystica,” while another joked, “Herba Mystica doesn’t do that. Someone’s been licking a Croagunk.”

Another fan asked how the glitch even happened to which the OP said, “All I did was win a raid battle and saw this for like 15 minutes.”

When asked where there were on the overworld map while the bug happened, they claimed they were, “in the desert area near the Titan.” While this would mean they were in the Asado Desert, the glitch makes it impossible to tell thanks to the strange green filter covering everything.

Thankfully, it seems this glitch was likely just a freak occurrence, though it certainly made for one trippy experience.