Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player confused by glitch that turns eggs into items

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet Violet item basket

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player attempting to breed eggs during a picnic was taken off guard by what they continued to pull from their picnic basket.

Despite a large update patch after release, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players continue to bump into strange glitches while exploring the Paldea region. These can range from optical bugs that distort Pokemon models to issues with spawning and other gameplay mechanics.

While some of these bugs negatively impact gameplay, fans have also found ways to make use of accidental hiccups in the Gen 9 games’ code. This has included a now-patched duplication bug and even ways to mass-gather items or money.

Now, one Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has accidentally bumped into a glitch that many have made use of, though it comes from a surprising source.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player gets loaded with berries

In a Reddit post shared by Consumerofworms on the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit, the trainer shares an image of their picnic screen.

The post reads, “I keep getting Cheri berries instead of eggs,” with the caption from the image stating, “There was a Cheri Berry in the basket.”

As most Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players know, the basket at the Picnic in the Gen 9 games is the solution to Pokemon Breeding, providing the player with eggs as long as two compatible Pokemon are in the Picnic party. While a Cheri Berry was likely a shock to pull out, fans in the comments have an answer.

One player jumped in, offering, “Just move the picnic. I think you set it on a berry,” while another added, “Lmao, you’re accidentally using a dupe glitch right now.”

The players are referring to a duplication glitch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, where players can amass items when a picnic is set up over a glittering spot on the ground. This has been used to grind items for money, such as Stardust or Comet Shards, as well as for items like Berries.

While it is possible this glitch will be fixed in a future patch, players may still encounter a surprise in their picnic baskets for at least a few more weeks.