Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player reunites with Charizard after 15 years

Philip Trahan
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A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer shared how they spent nearly $340 to reunite with their Charizard from FireRed after 15 years thanks to Pokemon Home.

After months and months of waiting, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers finally have access to Pokemon Home and are able to bring over a ton of new monsters into Generation 9.

Since then players have shared stories about how they were able to reunite with long-lost Pokemon partners stuck in older Generation titles.

Now, one fan detailed the struggle they went through to bring over their Charizard from Pokemon FireRed to Scarlet & Violet, which cost them around $340 in total.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer reunites with Gen 3 Charizard

The story came from a user named Roxaschao on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, in a post titled, “My childhood FireRed Charizard stuck in Colosseum the past 15 years gets reunited.”

They attacked two screenshots of their Charizard following them around in Pokemon Violet version and provided proof that their buddy really did originate in the Kanto region and boasted the Champion Ribbon as well.

Other fans in the comments shared how they also were eager to bring their partner Pokemon up to the modern games. However, this process didn’t come without its costs.

According to the OP, they spent “close to $340” to bring their Charizard over thanks to the hardware required. “…Buying stuff like a GBA, DS Lite, 2DS, and various Pokémon games” apparently cost quite a pretty penny, as they remarked that “Pokemon prices are crazy now.”

While some fans mentioned that they could have saved a bit of cash by using non-so-legitimate methods, they “don’t regret” the effort they put in to reunite with their partner Pokemon.

While bringing over Pokemon from past Generations does require a good amount of effort and the appropriate hardware, it is quite impressive that it’s even possible at all. Hopefully, other trainers with the means to do so can reunite with their past partners in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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