Pokemon Scarlet & Violet OLED Switch is a complete work of art

Laura Gray

An announcement following the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gameplay trailer has revealed that themed OLED Nintendo Switch consoles with Koraidon and Miraidon on the Joy-Cons will be released- and the design is absolutely stunning.

Getting a new console is always an exciting experience for gamers, and a sleek, franchise-themed design is icing on the cake. Pokemon fans are going to have the opportunity to score one of these unique consoles following an announcement after the new trailer for the Scarlet & Violet games.

In celebration of the new Gen 9 Pokemon titles, an OLED Nintendo Switch decked out with Scarlet & Violet Pokemon and color schemes will be released ahead of the official November 18, 2022 launch date for the games.

While the console itself doesn’t offer anything new to the original OLED model, the Pokemon Nintendo Switch will be a unique and collectible purchase for fans, and marks a milestone for the Pokemon games on the Switch, which have only received Switch Lite editions for recent main series games.

When will the Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch Release?

The Pokemon-themed OLED Nintendo Switch will release in stores on November 4, 2022.

As shown in the announcement video on the Nintendo YouTube channel, the model will include a white dock emblazoned with the Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon.

It will also come with purple and red Joy-Con controllers, and a full graphic theme etched into the back of the primary console body. When the Joy-Cons are flipped over, players will also find images of the Paldean starters on the handles.

Currently, it isn’t known how much the Pokemon OLED Nintendo Switch will cost. A standard edition of the console is 350 USD, giving those interested in buying it a baseline idea of what the special bundle will go for. Additionally, the Splatoon 3 edition of the OLED Switch was marked at 359.

With this information, it is possible the bundle won’t be dramatically more expensive than a standard edition, making it a good choice for those still looking to upgrade from the original Switch models.

While the release of a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Switch may not be the best news for those who have already invested in the OLED, the stunning console could be worth doing a trade-out. It is the perfect edition for any major Pokemon fan’s gaming collection.

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