Pokemon Scarlet & Violet offer rare item auctions after Home connectivity

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet wants Pokemon HOME compatibilityThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players pointed out the game’s different auction items after its connectivity with Home.

On May 30, 2023, Scarlet & Violet finally received integration with the storage service Pokemon Home. Originally intended to release on May 24, The Pokemon Company retracted their announcement and delayed the launch.

After a maintenance period, Scarlet & Violet could transfer Pokemon from other titles into the Generation IX game. Examples of transferable Pokemon are Calyrex, Tornadus, and Mew – to name a few.

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Since Scarlet & Violet are now able to include these transfer-only Pokemon, trainers have discovered new auction items, as well.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players notice new auction items

scarlet violet corrupted save fixThe Pokemon Company

A Reddit user posted on the Scarlet & Violet subreddit about their interesting discovery. The OP included a screenshot of Porto Marinada’s auction area – where they found a Lustrous Globe for sale. A Lustrous Globe allows Palkia to transform between its normal and Origin form in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

“Anyone seen the evolution items for Kleavor and Ursaluna in the auctions yet?” Calwings asked. “Just wondering if it’s possible to evolve those two in S/V without needing to transfer back to PLA.”

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Another player revealed you could transfer the Pokemon into Scarlet & Violet, but can’t evolve Scyther and Ursaring into their Hisuian forms.

“You need to transfer the Mons to Scarlet and Violet for the items to appear or just sending stuff to Home activates the sales?” Yourigath asked. “I’m tired of sending my legendaries to a game, buying the items, and sending them back Home.”

On the other hand, some Scarlet & Violet players struggle with buying anything from auctions. “She sold me the Adamant Orb, some plates, and then just… stopped for some reason,” Poyo123s wrote.

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