Pokemon Scarlet & Violet “magically” senses hidden Shiny Ditto

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet Violet Shiny Ditto

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have to be careful when hunting specific Shiny Pokemon. While many Shiny encounters are obvious, a few are so well-disguised players will have to rely on their gut to find them.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers traveling through the Paldea region have plenty of species to encounter as Shiny. Additionally, with the help of the Shiny Charm, Mass Outbreaks, and Sparkling Power sandwich boosts, finding the rare, alternately colored companions can be much less of a grind.

However, some species can be more difficult than others. From the subtle color changes in small Pokemon like Floette to the disguised appearance of Zorua and Ditto, players need to keep their eyes peeled when traveling through the vast, open-world map.

However, one lucky player seems to have the magic touch after stumbling into a hidden Shiny while battling Meowth.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer gets a surprise Ditto encounter

In a post on Twitter, Pokemon trainer DaxDarkness shared a video of their Scarlet & Violet character battling a mess of Meowth alongside their Shiny Gallade.


Viewers watch the trainer walk toward the Meowth, bumping into one and discovering it is a Shiny Ditto in disguise. The player states, “I have no idea how I magically sensed that.”.

Shiny Ditto can be a real challenge to catch, as their disguised form doesn’t appear Shiny. Because of this, players will only know if it’s a Shiny for certain after it transforms in battle. This makes any Shiny find for disguised Pokemon a particularly surprising treat.

Those attempting to seek out a Ditto or a Zorua can lock onto Pokemon when exploring Paldea. This offers a glimpse at the true identity of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet species roaming the overworld. Additionally, when using the “Let’s Go” feature, a trainer’s selected companion won’t attack a hidden Shiny Ditto or Zorua, which can be a clue for players to pick up on.

While not the most difficult Shiny catches to complete, bumping into a disguised surprise is definitely a fun way to shake up Pokemon Scarlet & Violet battles in the Pladea region.