Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer shows off brilliant Shiny hunting technique

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny FloetteThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer has discovered an unusual and helpful method of Shiny hunting Floette, after realizing the Shiny variation is extremely hard to see.

Shiny hunting is one of the primary post-game activities for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players. By using special boosts like the sandwich Sparkling Power or the Shiny Charm, players can scour Paldea for alternately colored versions of their favorite species.

However, unlike Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the overworld-spawning Shiny encounters don’t offer any visual or audio effects to alert players. Instead, Scarlet & Violet fans must keep their eyes peeled and are sometimes left attempting to detect minor color variations on tiny models.

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One frustratingly difficult Pokemon to Shiny hunt in Scarlet & Violet is Flabebe and its evolution Floette. The tiny Grass-type spawns in areas with soft lighting and lush grass and flowers, making the subtle change in its body color tricky to spot. However, one clever trainer has devised a solution to help others on the hunt.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player lines up Floette to spot Shinies

In a Reddit post shared by Tjkun on the r/pokemonscarletviolet subreddit, the Gen 9 trainer shares a trick for spotting Shiny Floette.

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In the video, the player walks around an area filled with Floette, encouraging them to come close. They then activate the camera after lining all the Floette up, using the zoom to carefully look at the color of each one. Viewers can see just how subtle the Shiny color variation is, and it would be easy to miss without all the Floette standing beside each other.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans in the comments are delighted by the trick, with one stating, “Oh, that’s a good idea! Been shiny hunting this one for months!!” and another adding, “Excellent idea. I would have never thought of doing this. Thanks!”

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While not all Pokemon will float up and wait patiently for the trainer to take a peek, it is definitely worth a try on Floette, Flabebe, and other smaller species.