Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans worried over new battle animations: “Worse than Legends Arceus!”

Lawrence Scotti
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Pokemon Legends Arceus fans were shocked when new battle animations revealed for the upcoming game Scarlet & Violet resembled something of the GameCube generation.

On September 1, Nintendo revealed a new Pokemon for the next main installment in the series, Scarlet & Violet, named Graifaiai.

The adorable Toxic Monkey Pokemon instantly won over the hearts of fans were always have a soft spot for a cute and colorful creature.

However, the battle animations revealed in the trailer for the Poison/Normal-type ‘mon left tons of trainers shocked at the low visual fidelity of the product.

pokemon scarlet and violet screenshot
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releases this November.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans worried about games graphics

The trailer for the poisonous lemur showed off some of its abilities and battle animations, which caught the attention of many fans due to its serious lack of graphical fidelity.

One Pokemon fan shared a video comparing the same poison move in both Legends Arceus and Scarlet & Violet and said, “Another example of how the battle animations are worse in Scarlet & Violet compared to Pokemon Legends Arceus.”

Fellow trainers in the comment section echoed similar sentiments. One user replied, “Pokemon’s motto at this point should be ‘One step forward, three steps back’ because this is getting ridiculous.”

However, many trainers have also grown tired of the debate around Pokemon’s graphics, which has been argued to death. One fan said, “Ok. And we should care why? People will like the game regardless of the animations.”

However, one user slammed Nintendo for the graphics and animations: “It’s just sad to see a gaming company not put in little details that really helps a lot of players immerse themselves in the game.”

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet releasing on November 18, fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the game themselves.

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