Pokemon fan reveals horrible truth about animated series villains

Nathan Ellingsworth
The character Hunter J rides a Salamence in the Pokemon anime

The Pokemon series is known for being largely family-friendly, as the franchise is designed for children and is all about adding cuddly creatures to your party while you go on grand adventures. The darkest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet ever got was a dog that loved sandwiches.

But while most of the typical Pokemon stories wouldn’t scare a kitten, occasionally the long-running series can veer into… darker territory. No, we’re not talking about Porygon, or just Dark-type Pokemon in general, but the anime’s treatment of some of the more villainous characters.

A Pokemon fan called Infinite Mewtwo shared a post on X, with the comment, “Horrible end of villains in anipoke” which means the animated Pokemon series. Then, attached are several images of various Pokemon villains meeting their grisly end.

While it’s not uncommon for Team Rocket to be seen “blasting off again” that is normally all in jest, whereas these Pokemon bad guys all met some fairly dark needs, either blowing up, genuinely dying, or being dragged into a different dimension.

Their deaths might not feel quite at home in the ordinarily world of Pokemon, but quite a few fans in the comments think that these particular characters deserved their fate. One comment says, “The only acceptable deaths in Pokémon.”

Another person added, “I can’t get over the fact that Bonnie killed Lysandre.” This refers to Zygarde seemingly eviscerating the Team Flare leader Lysandre, which might be the most overt death scene in the entire Pokemon anime.

Hunter J is another character that very few people sympathize with, as one comment explained, saying, “J suffered a well-deserved fate on account of all the times she tried to kill Ash.” Another person added to this, “When I was little I was shocked when I saw how slow and dramatic the death of Hunter J was.”

Then when discussing the fate of Cyrus, a comment explained, “Cyrus isn’t dead, I think he’s in Giratina’s domain.” This is still a fairly grisly fate, as one person added, “Cyrus being sent to what can basically be described as purgatory is crazy.”

It’s interesting to see that the Pokemon series is still willing to broach darker topics, and canonically kill characters even if they are villains.

“It’s not all Lillipups, Skitties, and rainbows in PokeWorld…” said one comment, and rightfully, another adds, “You think those 3 got what they deserve on Pokemon….you probably forget how savage some dex entries are.”

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