Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan puts Gen 9 Pokemon in classic games

pokemon gen 9 pokemon black white

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan has remade some of the community’s favorite upcoming Gen 9 Pokemon to fit the classic pixel style of Black & White.

The next generation of the Pokemon franchise is right around the corner, and some of the new Pokemon that await players have already been revealed. And there have been a few of these new creatures that have captured the hearts of fans.

Lechonk, the pudgy pig Pokemon, and Wiglett, the long wiggly Diglett look-alike, are two of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s most beloved Pokemon. So much so that fans are already planning to have these Gen 9 beauties on their teams.

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But some players can’t wait the month and a half until the release of the game to play around with these new monsters. And that’s the case for a Reddit user who has demade the two aforementioned fan favorites.

Pokemon fan makes Gen 9 mons in Gen 5 games

User R3dd1t_D4v1d showcased some of his projects on the r/pokemon subreddit. So far, he’s made Gen 5 sprites for both Wiglett and Lechonk.

But these aren’t just static sprites that fit the style of Black & White. No, these are fully animated sprites that portray behaviors shown off in the Scarlet & Violet trailers.

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For Lechonk, the pig bounces up and down before sniffing the air for food. Once he gets a whiff of something delicious, his eyes open wide and an exclamation point appears above his head before returning to his bouncing state.

And Wiglett’s animation is even more impressive. Its long slender body is sticking out from its hole waving back and forth. It then slinks back into its hole for a moment before coming back out again, ready to attack.

OP has made short videos showing what the sprites would look like in battle as well as transparent sprites that can be used with proper credit.

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