Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players don’t know how to feel about new Diglett

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wiglett Reveal has fans tornThe Pokemon Company

A new Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet was revealed during the “Pokemon World Ecological Society” livestream, and fans aren’t sure how to feel about the Diglett knock-off.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have announced many new Paldean Pokemon species in the months leading up to their November 18 release date. Some of these, like the adorable Lechonk, have been immediate favorites with fans of the franchise.

Creating a good Pokemon design can be difficult. The long-standing popularity of the series has relied heavily on iconic, recognizable companions for players to catch and raise.

While new generations have introduced fan-favorites like Lucario, Inteleon, and Sylveon, players have also been bogged down with options like Trubbish. Because of this, many players often brace themselves for the weirdo that comes with each new regional Pokedex – and it seems like the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet version has just dropped.

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Scarlet & Violet’s Wiglett is upsettingly adorable

In a recent reveal video called the “Pokemon Word Ecological Society”, a new Paldean Pokemon was shown wriggling on the beach. As shared by Lewchube on Twitter, the Pokemon looks shockingly similar to Diglett, but is instead called “Wiglett”.

The theorized Water/Ground-type takes the form of a pale tube sticking up from the ground. It has two small, beady eyes and a large, pink nose. It seems to find its home in the sand near bodies of water.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have taken to social media, sharing their thoughts in threads on platforms like Twitter. In a post shared by OoCPokemon, thejakebug comments “what is this creature?”, while ThegoodIllager counters “When the leakers said a Pokemon that looked like Diglett but wasn’t Diglett. I did not expect it to look exactly like Diglett. Wiglett is awesome!”.

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Other posters have started having fun creating Wiglett centered memes, like a post from Purtle28 that compares the new species to the children’s television show “The Wiggles”.

While it is clear the reception of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s new species is mixed, the chance to get any information about the Paldea region is exciting for fans. With just a few months left before the official release date, there is still plenty to learn about the upcoming adventure.