Pokemon Scarlet & Violet datamines hint Mewtwo is coming to Tera Raids

Ethan Dean
Shadow Mewtwo from Pokken Tournament

Dataminers have been sinking their teeth into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s recent patch and appear to have revealed a future seven-star Tera Raid. Information discovered via modded playtesting suggests that Mewtwo could be a future challenge for the post-game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raids are a core post-game feature and one of the main reasons players keep up with the titles this far from the games’ release. Developer Gamefreak has been consistently updating the titles with new Tera Raids on a near-monthly basis and fans are always looking for what’s next.

The most recent bout of speculation began when Twitter user mattyoukhana discovered in-game dialogue relating to the mythical Pokemon Mew. The text read: “Mew is going to go all out against this formidable opponent!”

Well-known Pokemon data miner Sibuna_Switch took the new info and ran with it, soon discovering that the dialogue triggered when Mew enters a Tera Raid with a seven-star Mewtwo.

They posted their discovery in a tweet after modding the game to meet certain requirements.

Sibuna_Switch first swapped out a Chesnaught from an Unrivaled Tera Raid to a Mewtwo. They then sent a shiny mew into battle which triggered the special dialogue and applied a 20% buff to all Mew’s stats and a 50% HP buff.

They also noted that if Mew was able to defeat Mewtwo in the raid, it would be awarded the Mightiest Ribbon. They ran tests with other pocket monsters and confirmed that Mew was the only mon to receive the reward.

The addition of Mewtwo to Pokemon Unite later this month and recently announced plans for a shiny Mew event as part of Pokemon Go’s seventh-anniversary party lend some credibility to the speculation.

The Pokemon Company does have a history of synergizing their events across multiple properties at once and fans have latched onto this theory with enthusiasm.

Delphox appearing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids
Delphox is the current Tera Raid event Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

It should be noted that however credible this information appears, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Gamefreak or the Pokemon Company and it’s always best to temper expectations with a heaping of salt.

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