4 Pokemon receive ZERO votes in popularity survey

Paul Cot

A Pokemon survey has been conducted in order to find out which species are the most popular in the Pokedex, but four have surprisingly received zero votes. 

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The goal behind the 52,000 strong survey was to see if every Pokemon was somebody’s favorite and given some did indeed receive zero votes, it appears that this doesn’t hold true.

Despite there being such a large pool of voters, the 809 Pokemon available to choose from meant it was perhaps unlikely every Pokemon would receive at least one vote. In fact, four Pokemon got no votes whatsoever.

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Had all Pokemon been voted on equally, then they would have got 65 votes each. However, in surveys such as these they tend to follow the Pareto principle, “roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes” which in this case have proved to be true – 20% of the Pokemon received 80% of the votes.

So, which are the least popular?

Pokemon FandomEelektrik didn’t prove too popular with Pokemon fans…


One of the four that got zero votes was Eelektrik, which you guessed is an electric-type. Introduced in Gen 5, the eel-looking Pokemon, is the evolved form of Tynamo and evolves into Eelektross.

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The Pokemon isn’t the best looking and is rather unknown in comparison to others, which may largely explain its 0 votes. Interestingly, Tynamo received just 6 votes, while Eelektross got 49.

Pokemon FandomBased on Gothita’s appearance it’s perhaps surprising it got zero votes…


Another Gen 5 Pokemon that failed to get any votes was Gothita and it’s hard to see why it ended up with a tally of zero. 

Its evolved forms also performed poorly in terms of popularity, as Gothorita and Gothitelle received 5 and 16 votes respectively.

Pokemon FandomBeautifly evolves from Silcoon, which is a lesser known Metapod…


Silcoon, as the name suggests, is a cocoon. It acts as a transition for Wurmple to evolve into Beautifly – much like Kanto’s Metapod and Kakuna.

Wurmple, despite being relatively well known, only got 12 votes with Beautifly getting just two.

Pokemon FandomGumshoos, and Yungoos, have been compared to Donald Trump because of the President’s hair…


Yungoos is our final Pokemon that failed to get a vote. The normal-type mongoose was introduced in Gen 7. It has been compared to American President Donald Trump because of its hair!

Unlike the other Pokemon with zero votes, Yungoos only has one evolved form – Gumshoos. This Pokemon only received four votes itself.

This survey by no means conclusively proves these are the least favorite Pokemon, as there simply aren’t enough observations. In a survey of 809 options, there would need to be significantly more respondents to provide a more accurate reading.