Mega Evolutions crowned “best gimmick” by Pokemon players

Em Stonham
Mega Mawile Pokemon from Pokemon anime.

Ever since the announcement of Pokemon Legends Z-A, Mega Evolutions have been a heavily debated topic in the online community.

When compared to other in-game mechanics like Z-Moves, Tera Pokemon, and Gigantamax ‘mons, Mega Evolutions stand out as some of the most popular by a mile. Mega Pokemon have intriguing (if dark) Pokedex entries, along with powerful attacks and unique forms.

The topic of how much Pokemon fans love Megas came up in a recent online debate about the best battle gimmick, kickstarted by a simple Spongebob meme.

In the post, the person behind the initial post declared their love for Mega Evolution as a mechanic – and based on the community response, they are far from alone in this.

A Pokemon fan replied to the post, exclaiming, “100% It is my favorite thing about the 3ds games, and I’m so happy to see them return”, referencing how we’re set to see the mechanic re-joining the world of Pokemon with the new Legends game.

Another reader in the replies agreed, “I liked the interesting designs the most”, prompting others to share their favorite Mega forms. Two of the most popular designs here were Mega Ampharos and Mega Blaziken, with the former being dubbed “majestic”.

Some players shared their love for Mega Evolutions alongside other mechanics. One excitedly noted, “Mega evos and Z moves were the best gimmicks so far and I wish they would just make Megas the permanent gimmick”.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokemon Megas discussion without Flygon – one Pokemon fan agreed that Megas were incredible before lamenting, “I also believe Flygon got f*****g robbed”. Others agreed, hoping for the Mystic Pokemon to get its Mega justice with Legends Z-A.

Fair issues with Megas were pointed out in this discussion, though, with one person acknowledging that the games arguably didn’t do enough with the mechanic to make it interesting, scoffing, “You had what, 3 battles that involved Megas?”

Mega Evolutions were compared to Tera Pokemon fairly often here, too, with Tera being favored by more competitive players. One fan expanded here, saying, “Tera is by far the best gimmick we’ve had for competitive … but aesthetically it is a lot weaker than Megas and Z-moves.”

Love them or hate them, Mega Evolutions are on the horizon once again with the arrival of Pokemon Legends Z-A. It’ll be fascinating to see which Pokemon get the Mega treatment in this new title and how it impacts the competitive Pokemon scene as a whole, too.

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