Pokemon Home’s Scarlet & Violet connectivity will finally be added next week

Daniel Megarry
pokemon home transfer to scarlet violet

Pokemon Home will soon be compatible with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as the long-awaited update is now scheduled to arrive on May 30.

Ever since Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were released back in November 2022, fans have been eager for the Nintendo Switch games to add support for Pokemon Home transfers.

The good news is that there’s not long to wait, as The Pokemon Company has now confirmed that Pokemon Home version 3.0.0 will finally be available to download on May 30, 2023.

While the tweet below doesn’t directly mention Scarlet & Violet compatibility, The Pokemon Company previously confirmed that version 3.0.0 is the update that will include this feature.

Maintenance is expected to take place on Monday, May 29, 2023, from 5PM PT until 11PM PT, during which time Pokemon Home will be unavailable.

It’s been quite a long journey to get to this point. The Pokemon Company originally slated Home compatibility for “early 2023” before later confirming the official release date would be May 24, 2023.

They then swiftly backtracked on that announcement, joking that they had “put the cart before the Mudsdale” and explaining that the May 24 date was a “mistaken” announcement.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the new May 30 release date goes ahead without a hitch.

If you’re in need of a refresher: Pokemon Home is a cloud-based app that lets you store Pokemon you’ve caught across various games including Scarlet & Violet, Legends Arceus, and even Pokemon Go.

Some trainers use this app to have a ‘complete’ collection all in one place, while others use it to transfer their favorite Pokemon into future games – like you’ll be able to do once Scarlet & Violet is compatible.

There are some limitations, though, as you’ll only be able to transfer old Pokemon into Scarlet & Violet if they’re compatible with those games. You can see some of the transfer-compatible Pokemon here.