Pokemon Go trainers want major change for “annoying” Rocket Grunt feature

Philip Trahan
Pokemon Go team rocket Balloon invasion

With Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes season making Team Rocket Grunt appear more often, some players want one handy feature introduced.

Pokemon Go introduced Team Go Rocket all the way back in 2019, with the evil organization set on taking over PokeStop locations around the world.

Since Team Go Rocket’s introduction, the mobile game has frequently hosted events that feature Rocket Grunts, as well as Rocket Leaders and Giovanni himself.

However, with the reveal that Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes season will have Team Go Rocket grunts appearing more often at PokeStops, some fans want a solution to be able to tone down the amount of time they actually appear.

Pokemon Go fans want big Team Go Rocket change

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit expressed annoyance at the Rising Heroes addition that makes Rocket Grunts appear more often. The title of the post read, “For some it’s a bonus. For others it’s just really, really annoying,” and included an image with an edited Toggle feature for Rocket Grunt appearances.

Many trainers agreed and explained why they personally found Rocket Grunts annoying to deal with. “I would have it turned off. They get in the way of wild spawns. That stop takes too long to spin just to get items and research task.”

One player from a rural area explained why Rocket Grunts can be particularly annoying for them: “Yeah, I live in a rural area, and one of my only close PokeStops is blocked RN, 4000 CP Lapras is too much for my less than 2000 team.”

Of course, other trainers disagreed and found Rocket Grunts more helpful than not. “Why are you annoyed by them? They are a solid source of dust, are they not?”

Another user agreed and explained that, because they didn’t know how to farm Stardust, Rocket Grunts are actually a valuable part of Pokemon Go. “…Rocket PokeStops are a GIFT to me. I find at least 25 a day while walking around, and although the shadow pokemon aren’t as good, that’s still 18,750 a day from the battles alone.”

Though players voiced opinions on both sides, a Toggle for a feature like this would be a great solution if implemented properly. Those who enjoy frequent Team Go Rocket encounters could simply leave the Toggle on, while others could turn it off at will.

Unfortunately, it seems fairly unlikely that Niantic would implement a feature like this, so Pokemon Go players fed up with dealing with Rocket Grunts will probably just have to grin and bear it during Rising Heroes.