Pokemon Go trainers praise Niantic for new inventory design rollout

pokemon go item bag header imageNiantic

Pokemon Go players are pleasantly surprised by the game’s new inventory update, which now sorts items into categories in a grid layout.

Any trainer who’s played Pokemon Go for a long time knows that there are plenty of items that get accumulated over time, such as Potions, Berries, and Poke Balls.

Up until quite recently, Pokemon Go items were simply laid out in a single line in the game’s inventory, which would sometimes lead to accidental item use and other frustrating issues.

Now, Niantic has added the option to streamline the mobile game’s inventory system and trainers are praising this long-awaited quality-of-life update.

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Pokemon Go trainers love the new inventory design

For those unaware, on February 1, 2023, Niantic quietly introduced a new inventory slider that allowed players to choose between the new grid layout or the older list format that trainers were familiar with.

While some lucky players had access to this change a bit early, the update is now available for everyone and early impressions surrounding the change seem very positive.

Trainers in the community have praised the change on social media platforms, including one post on the PokemonGo subreddit. “Going from being able to see almost 14 items onscreen instead of 5 is such a pleasant change,” said one fan.

Others noted that this should mitigate the issue of accidentally using items thanks to game lag, as one trainer admitted that “Accidentally activating a luck egg is the bane of my existence.”

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Of course, it will probably take some players a bit of time to get used to the new system, as one fan noted that they’d accidentally deleted all of their Max Revives thanks to muscle memory.

While some players have a few gripes with the layout, including the new Trash Can icon being finicky to tap on or an early bug that makes the ‘X’ icon at the bottom of the screen harder to tap on.

Aside from those issues, many trainers seem to love this convenient inventory change. Hopefully, Niantic recognizes this positive feedback and implements other handy quality-of-life changes in future updates, as well.

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