Pokemon Go trainers confused after Niantic seemingly pushes Zygarde Research early

Chris Studley
Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails promo shot

Several Pokemon Go players expressed confusion over how to make progress in the new Special Research challenge for Zygarde.

Niantic confirmed on July 20 that Pokemon Go players will be able to obtain Zygarde through new Special Research, in conjunction with a special event.

Additionally, players will be able to use the new Routes feature to upgrade this Legendary Pokemon.

However, the Special Research has some confused, due to one mission that is difficult to complete at the moment.

Pokemon Go Zygarde Yveltal

Pokemon Go players react to Zygarde Special Research task

On July 20, Niantic released details on the new Blaze New Trails event, which will take place from July 21-24. The event will see the debut of Legendary Kalos region Zygarde, as Go trainers will have the ability to encounter it via the new ‘A to Zygarde’ Special Research task.

While Blaze New Trails doesn’t start until the 21st, several Pokemon Go players reported to have received the Special Research a day before the start of the event. There was some confusion as to whether only players with beta access to the new Routes feature only have the Special Research in hand, but that doesn’t appear to be the case based off of reports.

Trainers have begun to document their way through the Special Research and their quest for the Legendary Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon. However, it does appear that some have been blocked from making progress in the fourth part.

Players reported that a challenge for it requires Go users to follow three Routes. This point confused some, as several trainers indicated that no published Routes are active in their area.

Luckily for those who want to get Zygarde, trainers found that an encounter with the Legendary comes after completing the third tier. However, individuals will need Zygarde Cells in order to upgrade the Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon.