Pokemon Go Spheal Community Day turns into an instant meme

David Purcell
pokemon go spheal community day

Niantic sent out messages to all Pokemon Go players about the upcoming January Spheal Community Day, but not everybody read the description for its headliner in the way it was intended. 

The event, which is expected to be held on January 16, 2022, will give users an increased chance of catching the Ice/Water-type and its rare shiny variant.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for Shiny Hunters right across the world to add another to their collection, though nobody is talking about that.

Instead, members of the community have been making jokes about the way the event was announced – and it’s gone viral.

shadow pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Spheal – in the middle – will be the next Community Day headliner, and the first of 2022.

Pokemon Go Spheal Community Day message

On December 20, the developers sent out a message to all of the people who have the app downloaded.

It reads: “January Community Day. Spheal, the Clap Pokemon, will be featured!”

If you’re wondering what a Clap Pokemon is… When they eat, they clap to show their pleasure.

As you might expect, the description all made for some good spinoff jokes.

Pokemon Go players react

One player responded: “If Spheal uses Discharge, see a doctor,” as another added: “Caught the clap so many times they call it applause.”

This was another popular one: “Niantic did say they were going to be experimenting with customers. I assumed it was stuff like features and lure pricing dishonesty; can’t say I expected to be offered a chance to catch the clap this January.”

While the references need no explaining, it’s fair to say that the announcement of this event caught the eye for all the wrong reasons.

That’s won’t stop players piling into the game for Spheal’s big day, anyway, in the New Year. It kicks off on January 16 and everything you need to know to get involved with the action can be found here.