Pokemon Go fans demand better events and Shiny debuts during Season of Light

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Fans Are Frustrated About Past Event Debuts and Shiny

Pokemon Go fans have taken to social media, voicing frustrations with the Season of Go events and debuts. Many are hopeful Season of Light will offer a better range of new Pokemon, and add long-awaited Shiny variants to the game.

Pokemon Go’s summer event Season of Go recently concluded, ending content created in collaboration with the Pokemon TCG. Throughout the summer, players had the chance to catch TCG-themed Pokemon in Special Research and Community Day challenges, as well as participate in the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 celebrations.

However, the mobile app has faced criticism from fans since the start of 2022 for lacking event content and changes to quality-of-life updates implemented during 2020.

Because of this, many players have taken to social media, vocalizing their frustration with lackluster Community Day features, Shiny debuts, and Research tasks that peppered the hot summer months.

Pokemon Go fans aren’t happy about recent Shiny Debuts

Pokemon Go has had a surprisingly short list of Shiny debuts during 2022. While Shiny variants were added by the handful through the summer months, it doesn’t keep up with the additions from previous years, and has focused on less popular Pokemon.

In a recent post shared by PokemonGoApp on Twitter, many fans filled the comments to question why the Season of Go felt so empty, and featured so few popular species.

In a response, Infamous51183 comments, “I just hope this new season is better then last season events!! Many where painful and I played alot less then normal.. Hopefully the eggs worth hatching and something better in 7k eggs.. Hopefully new mons and new shinys and useful raid bosses that aren’t nerfed by moves..” This could be in reference to Shiny additions like Unknown and Foongus, which aren’t high on many Shiny hunter achievement lists.

Additionally, Kevin35489091 adds, “Let’s hope this new season has More Events and New Shinies debuting! This last season was meh besides go fest”. This frustration could be based on the number of in-person events that outshined the global events.

Thankfully, with the start of the Season of Light on September 1, 2022, there will be a slew of new events and Pokemon debuts. This will include Sun & Moon Legendary species alongside other powerful additions, giving Pokemon Go players plenty of species to add to their teams.

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