Pokemon Go player’s strange Go Fest 2022 haul may hint at upcoming Legendary Pokemon

pokemon go solrock and lunatone incense headerNianitc / The Pokemon Company

One Pokemon Go fan was left heartbroken after their strange Daily Adventure incense haul during the Go Fest 2022, though it may hint at something more.

Niantic introduced Daily Adventure incense to help trainers get a daily boost of Pokemon spawns for free.

Unfortunately, not every player has good luck with their incense uses, leading to some hilarious outcomes.

Now, another player has shared their heartbreaking Daily Adventure incense haul, which brought in none of the highlighted Pokemon during Go Fest 2022.

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Pokemon Go players shows off heartbreaking incense haul

An image for the A Mysterious Incense Special Research story in Pokemon GoNiantic
Daily Adventure incense is a great way to farm Pokemon or hunt for shinies, but some trainers have better luck than others.

A Pokemon Go fan, MandaCatalonia, tweeted at Niantic after the developer posted the Ultra Incursion raid schedule for the Go Fest 2022 finale event.

Catalonia posted a picture showing they caught a whopping 20 Lunatone and Solrock using the Daily Aventure incense.

Notably, according to their tweet, the trainer used their Daily Incense after Pokemon Go Fest 2022 ended, which may have led to the strange haul.

The tweet tagged the Niantic Support Twitter account, jokingly adding that the company “better have a good explanation for this.”

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Strange spawns could hint at future Pokemon Go events

As it turns out, Niantic may very well have a good explanation for Catalonia’s strange haul, if early theories are to be believed.

Apparently, those trainers whose Pokemon Go Fest 2022 events have ended reportedly keep finding tons of Solrock and Lunatone spawns while playing, according to posts on TheSilphRoad subreddit.

“Getting Solrock and Lunatone spawns at the rate of spotlight [hour[ after 6 PM. Got one shiny. Is it shiny boosted?” asked Reddit user aogasd.

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With the focus on Generation 7’s Ultra Beasts during Go Fest 2022’s raids, it seems Niantic may be teasing the addition of even more Alola Pokemon in the coming months.

In fact, Solrock and Lunatone may just point to Solgaleo and Lunala arriving in Pokemon Go, considering their strong connection to the Sun and Moon respectively.

While this is still speculation, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to assume trainers may be encountering Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Legendary duo in Pokemon Go very soon.

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