Lucky Pokemon Go player ordered two Go Plus+ devices but received eight

Brianna Reeves
pokemon go plus+

One lucky Pokemon Go fan ordered two of the Go Plus+ devices but ended up getting eight in the mail.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company launched the Go Plus+ device in July 2023, an accessory built from the ground up as a POGO accessory.

Its many capabilities allow users to track their sleep, catch Pokemon while catching z’s, and enjoy hands-free Pokemon Go gameplay.

Of course, many players have been eager to get their hands on these Go-branded accessories, especially since content like the Snorlax unlocks demands the device’s usage. However, one person got more than they bargained for when receiving their order in the mail.

This person’s Pokemon Go Plus+ order got a little out of control

A Reddit user named ShinyRaequaza purchased two Go Plus+ devices. But when the order landed on their doorstep, they opened the box to find not two, not four, but eight of the Pokemon Go accessories packaged inside.

The Redditor said they double-checked their bank account and order slip to ensure they were only charged for the purchase of two. Fortunately, all seemed to be in order – except for the fact that the Pokemon Center mistakenly shipped eight in one package.

“Pokemon Center blessed me, I guess,” the person wrote. “I’m shocked I sometime[s] see people get two of one item they order by accident. But this. This is next level.”

Initially unsure of what to do with the six extra Pokemon Go Plus+ accessories, ShinyRaequaza says they’ll take the advice of a fellow Redditor and give them to family members in hopes of piquing their interest in the game.

But some people in the comments do seem a little peeved since their Go Plus+ purchases haven’t gone well. One user said, “Damn, they’re sending you extras and then cancelled the one I preordered lol.”

And a few people recalled seeing a previous Reddit post about someone whose order was suddenly terminated. “Man, that poor dude who posted about his order being canceled due to stock when it was supposed to be shipped would cry seeing this.”

Hopefully, everyone who wants a Go Plus+ will have little to no trouble securing one from here on out.

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