Players “can’t justify” high price of new Pokemon Go Plus+ device

Pokemon Go plus priceThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players are shocked by the high price of Pokémon Go Plus+, a new device scheduled to hit stores in July 2023.

An accessory for Pokemon Go, the upcoming device will pair with the popular mobile game and Pokemon Sleep app, allowing users to catch creatures and track their sleep. It will also launch with a Pikachu capable of singing lullabies and doubling as an alarm.

Better still, once the device connects to a trainer’s iPhone or Android smartphone, they’ll be able to spin PokeStops and throw Poke Balls without removing the accessory from their bag.

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In short, the Pokemon Go Plus+ constitutes an easy way for users to enjoy the game without having to constantly operate their phones. It all sounds well and good, but some folks aren’t too pleased about the price point.

Fans call the upcoming Pokemon Go Plus+ device “pricey af”

Reddit user milotic03 recently called attention to the pre-order details for Pokemon Go Plus+ in Europe. The accessory will cost €59.99 in European territories. Other Redditors chimed in by sharing the price point in their respective regions, too.

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In the U.S., the Plus+ device will run users $54.99, according to various retailer listings. The Amazon pre-order price in Australia sits at $79 AUD. Meanwhile, GameStop in Canada has it available to pre-purchase for $74.95 CAD.

Some fans aren’t willing to shell out that much for the new Pokemon Go accessory. “Can’t justify that price. I’ll find mine secondhand,” said one user in the thread. Someone else joined the chorus by commenting, “Jesus, that’s pricey af.”

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Another Pokemon Go player wrote the following to poke fun at the latest iteration of the Plus device, “I’m going to wait for the GO go plus++.”

And others say they’d be more interested “if [developers] weren’t continually adding new features that don’t work with go+.”

Time will tell how many trainers plan on investing in the new Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory.

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