Pokemon Go players concerned Niantic will overcharge for Master Balls

pokemon go master ball headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players are worried Niantic will bait and switch trainers by making the Master Ball free and then charging a ridiculous price.

In late April 2023, a Pokemon Go datamine revealed the Master Ball would arrive in the mobile game. The item allows players to catch any Pokemon they encounter with a 100% success rate. The Master Ball benefits those who struggle to catch any Legendary Pokemon like the Galarian Birds.

The leak also claimed the Master Ball would have a “special reward cutscene and camera” after using it.

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To obtain a Master Ball, trainers must complete the Let’s Go! Special Research quest at launch on May 22, 2023. However, some players think Niantic will trick them and overcharge for the item.

Pokemon Go braces for the price of Master Balls

The Master Ball in Pokemon GoNiantic

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user chemicalisim speculated that Niantic will fool players and charge $11.99 for the Master Ball. Since the Remote Raid Pass price increase, Pokemon Go trainers have put even less trust in the company.

“This is going to happen for sure the first one is free and then for events they will throw in a 1400 coins box like they do with Elite tms,” Elwildos predicted.

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“Remote Raid Box $19.99: 1 Masterball and 2 Remote Passes,” Kalurael joked.

“What I am mostly worried about is that they decrease the catch rates to get us into buying the ball,” Hajnal30 remarked. “Where would you even use it right now except for the Galarian birds?”

Following the Regidrago makeup event, players voiced their concerns about catch rates. For example, one user suggested Niantic make in-person Raids guaranteed, and Remote Raids have a certain percentage of success.

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If Pokemon Go players have already finished the Let’s Go! Special Research quest, trainers have until June 1, 2023, at 10 AM local time to claim the Master Ball.

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