Pokemon Go fans roast Niantic after Remote Raid Pass box appears in shop

Dylan Horetski

Pokemon Go fans have taken to Reddit to roast Niantic after a Raid Box featuring Remote Raid passes appeared in the in-game shop.

April 2023 hasn’t been the most popular month for Pokemon Go players, with Niantic nerfing Remote Raids being met with an almost-instant boycott.

Raid participation in Pokemon Go has dropped massively since the changes, leading to Niantic releasing a new “Raid Box” that features a star piece and two Remote Raid passes.

However, players of the game aren’t excited about the boxes as they’ve taken to Reddit to roast Niantic for even creating them.

PoGo fans roast Niantic over Raid Box in shop

On the subreddit TheSilphRoad, a user shared a screenshot of one of the new Raid Boxs available in the game’s shop.

For 320 coins, the box shared in the post provides users with two Remote Raid passes and one Star Piece. At the current price for the items individually, it gives users a discount of 170 coins.

However, many believe that the new box isn’t enough to get them to spend money on the game again.

“Still not giving them a cent,” one user said in a reply that’s been upvoted 338 times.

Another user replied: “Since it has been released along with a more convenient box with green passes, the message is clear. They’re still doubling down on the recent changes, so, sorry Niantic, I won’t buy it.”

“Still a rip-off. I rarely use star pieces. I usually forget I have them,” another commented.

However, some are taking it as a win since it’s a discount from current prices.

“It’s decent value, 3 items worth ~ 100 coins each,” one replied.

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