Pokemon Go players want emergency update to fix crashing issues

David Purcell
pikachu pokemon go crashing bugNiantic

Pokemon Go players experiencing some heavy crashing disruption in-game have now urged Niantic to get a grip on the issue with a hotfix update.

The mobile game, available on both iOS and Android devices, is revving trainers up for the upcoming Astral Eclipse event for Sun and Moon.

However, the run-up to the festivities has not been going as smoothly as usual for some users.

It has been reported that consistent crashing has been experienced in multiple places in-game, but mainly battles.

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Pokemon Go freezing issues surface

A pinned post on the Pokemon Go subreddit shows many players concerned about the state of battles, with some saying crashing issues have made them near unplayable.

“There are higher-than-usual crash rates in Battle-related aspects of Pokémon GO and it’s currently being investigated,” the user said.

It appears the freezing bug might not be just limited to battles, though.

Another user said: “I had one mid-battle crash, one catching crash, and weirdest of all one crash when trying to claim a completed field research. Seems like they can hit when doing pretty much anything.”

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A third poster added: “My game has also been crashing trying to open or send gifts, appraise Pokemon, and open gyms. Been trying to send gifts for the last half hour and with all the crashing I’ve only been able to send three.”

Some members of the community have suggested that reverting to the game’s previous version, 0.253.1, can stop the frequency of crashes.

With it reportedly being investigated by Niantic, it appears an emergency update could be rolled out to bring the disruption to a swift end. Clearly, players want that process to be sped up as soon as possible.

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