Pokemon Go players fully support 7-year-old’s “amazing” Master Ball catch

Cassidy Stephenson
Pokemon Go Master Ball with Youngster Joey

Pokemon Go players are defending what a 7-year-old decided to capture with his Master Ball, which was ultimately an “amazing” catch.

After several years of waiting, Pokemon Go finally added Master Balls to the mobile game for guaranteed catches. While incredibly useful, Master Balls are extremely rare and only featured during special events.

Previously, players could obtain a Master Ball by completing the Masterwork Research challenge introduced during the Catching Wonders event. They could also get one by finishing the Let’s Go! Special Research quest during the Season of Rising Heroes.

These sought-after items are often used to catch one of the Galarian Legendary Birds. However, sometimes trainers use them to increase their Shiny collection or capture an elusive hundo.

A proud parent posted what they convinced their 7-year-old son to catch with his Master Ball on the game’s subreddit. Initially, the 7-year-old was saving his Master Ball to use on one of the Galarian Birds, but his parent changed his mind.

With his parent’s help, the young trainer encountered a Shadow Raikou with an unusually high CP. After some googling, the parent discovered the Shadow Raikou was actually a hundo.

“Now, this was a few weeks ago when Niantic botched the throwing circle, so even I struggled to land excellent throws,” the OP revealed.

“Anyway, I get down to the last ball and convince my son to use his masterball, but he’s been saving it for one of the galarian birds. After a little bit of convincing he used it, what do you guys think?”

In response to the catch, fellow Pokemon Go players congratulated the 7-year-old on his achievement. “Tell your son you can always trade for a galarian bird, but you can never trade for a shadow hundo. Congrats, this is an amazing catch,” one person wrote.

“100% the right decision. I would never use the M ball on G birds. I would either keep them (stored) or use it on a hundo legendary. A hundo shadow legendary? F yes. Also, very nice electric attacker,” another player said.

If you’re wondering what to use your Master Ball on, check out all the Legendaries in Pokemon Go and where to find the Galarian Birds.

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