Pokemon player manages to beat Diamond & Pearl with a single Bidoof

Pokemon player beats Diamond & Pearl with a single BidoofThe Pokemon Company / ILCA

A Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl player managed to beat the entire game and become the Sinnoh Champion by using a team consisting of just a single Bidoof.

Gen IV is notorious for the difficulty of its late-game Gym Leaders and Elite Four. The Champion’s team – Garchomp especially – is famous for being a challenge, with many trainers needing to fight Cynthia multiple times to win.

That’s what makes one player’s feat in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Pearl all the more impressive, ditching a traditional team of six for just one ‘mon: a Bidoof.

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Bidoof beats Pokemon BDSP

Reddit user ‘Mudkip727’ shared their victory on the r/PokemonBDSP forum on January 1, 2022. “I just beat BDSP with a single Bidoof and I couldn’t be happier about the end results,” they wrote alongside a series of screenshots showing their win.

On the classic “Congratulations!” victory screen, their level 69 Bidoof, nicknamed “Doofy”, was crowned the sole member responsible for besting the Sinnoh Champion. Another screenshot showed empty slots where five other ‘mon celebrating the accomplishment would usually be.

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A third showed the Normal-type’s stats, consisting of 185 HP, 105 Attack, 83 Defense, 79 Speed, 78 Sp. Def, and 85 Sp. Atk. It also has the Simple Ability, which doubles the effectiveness of stat stages.

pokemon bdsp redditReddit
“Doofy” beat the Champion at level 69.

Mudkip727 later followed up their post with a comment detailing just how they managed to defeat Cynthia’s team with Bidoof.

“My final moveset was Curse / Crunch / Amnesia / Quick Attack,” they revealed. “Cynthia’s Spiritomb tries to use physical attacks if your Poke’s physical stat is worse than special, so as soon as I use Amnesia, it tries to use sucker punch 8 times in a row.”

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“You can use this downtime to farm Curse boosts, and then go for the sweep.”

The feat is even more incredible when you consider that the trainer beat the Sinnoh champion after taking on the Elite Four as well.

It just goes to show that if your Pokemon have good stats and a well-planned out moveset, anything is possible – even beating an entire game with a single Bidoof.