Pokemon Go players prove you’re “never too old” to game

Nathan Ellingsworth
A screenshot from the Pokemon anime shows professor oak smiling

With hundreds of bright and colorful animals and a main cast that generally hovers around the 10-year-old mark, it’s little surprise that most videogame fans associate the Pokemon franchise with a younger audience.

But, just as anyone can enjoy board games or cartoons, the breadth of the Pokemon audience spans all age groups. While you might mostly see children playing Pokemon Go, plenty of older players still enjoy taking to the streets and journeying to catch them all.

This conversation was brought up in a Reddit post, as one Pokemon Go player asked others in the community if they were “too old” to be playing and enjoying the game.

A screenshot from Pokemon Go trailer shows several people playing Pokemon Go together

Explaining their worry, the person commented, “Sometimes I feel that I am too old to be playing this game (I’m 58!) So I’m hoping there are some more mature folk in this community?” Thankfully, instead of any mean-spirited comments, the community rallied around the post’s author.

With over 700 comments on the post, hundreds of other Pokemon Go players have shared their age and love for the game, with plenty explaining that they are in their 40s, 50s, and some even 70s or 80s.

One of the main draws seems to be the mixture of gameplay and exercise, as one comment explains, “My mom in her 60s enjoys playing because it motivates her to exercise and walk. She is far from the oldest in our local community.”

Similarly, another player says how it aids their fitness, adding, “I’m 53 ( almost 54) and I play for the same reason. Trying to keep this blood pressure down.”

Players from across the world shared their experience with players of all ages, as one person said, “Here in Japan it’s very common to see people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s playing the game.”

In fact, some rivalries have even opened up between players in different age groups. “I also live in Japan. My Pokemon Go nemesis is an old lady, maybe in her late 60s or early 70s” explains one person.

They continue, adding, “She nods at me when I see her in our neighborhood cafe on weekends sometimes. I call her by her username, she calls me by mine. We take turns on the gym at the cafe.”

Finally, one of the most impressive stories in the community covers an octogenarian who still avidly plays Pokemon Go. A comment reads, “In my community, I’ve got an 82yr old that plays, drives, and lugs us kids” (ages 25+) around on raid days in their minivan and their account is impressive!! I’m so jealous. Lol.”

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