Pokemon Go players in awe of “perfect” shiny Charmander caught in 7th Anniversary event

Chris Studley
An image of Charmander from the anime on a Pokemon Go background with the logo

A Pokemon Go player showcased a rare find during the 7th Anniversary Party Event, in a shiny Charmander with incredible attributes.

Much like in the main Pokemon console games, Pokemon Go players have hunted for coveted Shiny versions.

The 7th Anniversary Party event has served as a great opportunity to find Shiny versions of starter Pokemon, and one player lucked out with a shiny Charmander.

However, this was one stood out for a few reasons.

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Pokemon Go player hits jackpot with shiny Charmander

On Reddit, a Pokemon Go player that goes by thiguy1011 posted a screenshot of a Charmander caught during the 7th Anniversary Party event.

Besides the fact that this Charmander has a party hat as part of the anniversary event, the Kanto starter possesses maxed out IVs for Attack, Defense, and HP. Not to mention, it’s a Shiny.

The original poster added in the comments section regarding the find, “Part of me doesn’t even wanna evolve it.” However, another player added that the user should, given that shiny Charizard turns black.

Another note on this Charmander is that it’s a female. Most Charmanders found in the wild in Pokemon Go are male, and there’s only a 12.5% chance that one found will turn out to be a female. When someone pointed this out on the thread, thiguy1011 added, “That makes the Pokemon EVEN BETTER!”

Several players expressed astonishment over the rare find. One Go player posted, “My dream,” while another added that the original poster should play the lottery.

While the 7th Anniversary event was kind to this player, others have expressed frustration over the escape rates on starter Pokemon that have spawned during the event. On top of that, a number of bugs in Go have frustrated players, but are expected to be addressed in an upcoming update.

The 7th Anniversary Party Event is set to conclude on July 12.