Pokemon Go players highlight major issue with Out to Play Timed Research quest

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go’s Out to Play event has begun, but some fans have pointed out an annoying issue with the included Timed Research quest.

Pokemon Go’s Out to Play event has officially kicked off, which brings Shiny Hisuian Growlithe to the game.

This event has a focus on walking around outside and exploring Routes that other players have set up.

Unfortunately, some players have pointed out that Routes are still very hard to find while playing the game, presenting big issues for both the event and the Timed Research quest associated with it.

Pokemon Go fans still can’t find Routes

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained traction after one fan made a thread titled, “Oh good! A route themed event!”

The OP attached a screenshot to the post that showed that there were no Routes nearby and explained that they had submitted a Route for Pokemon Go nearly three weeks ago and had no response on its approval since.

The trainer wasn’t alone in this problem, as many in the replies echoed that they too couldn’t find any Routes to help complete their Timed Research for the Out to Play event.

“I submitted a route around a nice park by my house, 995 M, has been “under review” for about 3 weeks now. There aren’t any other routes around me,” said one player.

Another trainer said, “I live in a densely populated neighborhood in one of the biggest countries in the city and there are “no nearby routes” from my home. I hate this.”

Though frustrating for those players who can’t find Routes nearby, not every player has experienced this problem. “Weird. I submitted my first route the other day and it was published within the next 10 minutes before I got back home.”

Others noted the Campfire app is surprisingly helpful for finding nearby Routes, compared to the Pokemon Go map.

Hopefully, those trainers who are hung up on the Timed Research task of “Follow a Route” are able to find one before the event ends on October 2.