Pokemon Go players find adorable easter egg in Pokemon Sleeps’ Snorlax

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Sleep Snorlax

One Pokemon Go player has found an adorable interactive feature on the Pokemon Sleep version of Snorlax and fans are going wild.

Pokemon Sleep has arrived for many lucky players and therefore tons are logging in to look for the adorable Snorlax featured in the game. Complete with its natural sleepy design and cute nightcap, it’s easy to see why the Pokemon is so highly desired.

However, one fan has found an adorable interactive feature that has left tons of other Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep players begging to find or get hold of the new Pokemon.

Pokemon Go player finds an adorable feature in Pokemon Sleeps Snorlax

Posting onto Reddit, Pokemon Go fan InvisibleSoul8 showed off their Nightcap Snorlax and what happens if you tap the creature. “Nightcap Snorlax is sleeping while sitting and wakes up when you tap it” they explained, providing a video of the adorable action.

Pokemon reacting to touch is nothing new in Pokemon Go, with most creatures showing off a small attack when you click them, even normal Snorlax is no different, simply yawning instead of attacking. However, having the Pokemon essentially wake up and stand up when you tap them is something new, and fans love it.

“Wait this is a thing? Holy crap I need this” exclaimed one user in the comments, showing off how popular the Pokemons design is already.

Others found the interactive feature adorable, stating “That’s so cute omg” while another fan mirrored the sentiment by saying, “That’s so cool!”

The feature has certainly convinced a few Pokemon Go fans to download Pokemon Sleep and perhaps purchase the Pokemon Go Plus+ with one player highlighting, “I really wish I had Go Plus Plus cause Snorlax is my favorite and I love the costume”

Needless to say, such a feature has certainly been a hit with fans, inspiring many to look into catching this exclusive Pokemon and seemingly wanting to wake up poor Snorlax constantly to see this adorable animation.