Pokemon Go players claim Campfire Raid Flares being used to rob trainers

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Several Pokemon Go players have reported Niantic’s social app Campfire is being used to lure trainers to raids resulting in them being robbed.

Campfire is a companion app to Pokemon Go developed by Niantic. In an attempt to make the game a more social experience and to help players find local communities, Campfire serves as a first-party way for trainers to connect and recruit one another.

That said, Campfire hasn’t launched to immense success. While Campfire’s Team Up feature made it easier to organize in-person raids, its buggy launch made it impossible for some players to even access the app.

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Its launch also coincided with the Remote Raid pass nerf that has driven thousands of players away from Pokemon Go. And Campfire only served to show “victims” just how difficult raiding in person can be. Now, it’s being reported that Campfire is being used by criminals to lure trainers into being robbed.

Campfire users robbed when attempted Pokemon Go raids

According to players on Reddit and in Campfire’s App Store Reviews, Pokemon Go players are being robbed when attempting to help players with in-person raids.

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One user who left a one-star review for Campfire wrote, “We initially recommended our local community to use this app to help build up in-person raid groups. But following a series of crimes revolving around it, including it being used to lure people for robbery.

“I’ve recommended everyone delete the app for their own safety, and we’re using the tried and tested methods of using our Facebook group.”

This review was shared on Reddit where players harkened back to the early days of Pokemon Go. They recalled when ne’er-do-wells would use Lures on Pokestops to attract players, who would then be robbed.

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“People were doing this from day one with lures,” one user commented. To which OP replied, “Yeah, they just got a neat new app for it now! Sponsored by Niantic themselves.”

Others advised players to respond to Raid Flares in groups for safety, while others claimed the best solution is just to raid remotely… had Niantic not enforced the nerfs.

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