Pokemon Go Remote Raid “victims” exposed by new Campfire feature

pokemon go campfire headerNiantic

As Niantic has rolled out its social app, Campfire, to the general public, players are seeing the effects of Remote Raid Pass nerfs even more.

Shortly after Niantic implemented changes to nerf Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go, it quietly rolled out its social app, Campfire, to the general public.

The aim of Campfire is to help Pokemon Go players coordinate with other random players, making it easier to take on in-person content like Raids and Gyms.

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Unfortunately, now that Campfire can accurately give players info on the nearest Gyms and Raids, some rural players are learning just how much more inconvenienced they are now that Remote Raiding isn’t as accessible.

Pokemon Go players learn harsh reality from Campfire app

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained a ton of traction among the community after it highlighted one fan’s tough real-world situation.

The OP titled the post, “Nearest Gym is 40 miles away. The victims are people like me,” with a screenshot attached that showed a map of their surrounding area. Sure enough, all of the icons related to Pokemon Go were quite a distance away from where they presumably lived.

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The post earned nearly 8,000 upvotes in under 24 hours, with over 500 comments from other trainers weighing in on the unfortunate situation.

Many fans made jokes about the situation, like one who said, “Skill issue. Just establish a new city of 500,000 people, bro.” Another player jokingly replied with unhelpful responses from other players like, “‘Uhh just move??'” and “‘Game wasn’t meant for you.'”

Some trainers suggested the OP should just work to “nominate a bunch of stuff” in their area to make PokeStops and Gyms of their own. Of course, many noted that this was easier said than done. “Have you ever driven through the Western half of the US? At best, there may be a roadside table in some areas, and it may not get approved due to lack of safe pedestrian access.”

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While Remote Raid Passes haven’t been fully removed from Pokemon Go, their utility has certainly been diminished, which has led many rural and disabled players to lose hop in participating in the game like they used to.

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