Pokemon Go player wins Community Day with museum full of PokeStops – and fans are jealous

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A Pokemon Go player has shared an image of their GPS map that has left fans online green with envy, as it shows dozens of PokeStops piled on top of each other in Frankfurt, Germany.

Pokemon Go fans are always on the lookout for lucrative gaming areas when playing the mobile app. Collections of Gyms and PokeStops are a requirement to make the most of the game, and good areas not only offer needed items from spinning disks, but also a better chance other players will turn up ready to play.

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While those who live in urban areas are more likely to find clusters of PokeStops and Gyms, rural players aren’t always so lucky. Unfortunately, many fans find themselves in this position, which can make enjoying Pokemon Go a challenge.

However, one player in Frankfurt, Germany has hit the jackpot in the PokeStop lottery, and fans all around the world have jumped into the comments, vocalizing jealousy, amazement, and frustration at what could be the best PokeStop location currently available.

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Pokemon Go Player gathers up Dratini on Community Day

Pokemon Go player Louthepikachu shared a post on Twitter highlighting an incredible find during the Dratini Community Day Classic on November 5. The official Pokemon Commentator and Pokemon Go enthusiast’s image shows an area of Frankfurt, Germany loaded down with dozens and dozens of PokeStops in one small area.

In addition to the amazing find, they also share an image of the enormous number of Dratini spawning around the Lured stops, making it an Item and Pokemon-catching paradise.

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Fans in the comments are stunned by the scene, with one stating “HOLY that is insane! Downfall is that there is one gym. Possible to make a couple of those stops as gyms?” while another adds “Dear god… I would never want for Pokéballs again!”

Several Pokemon Go players are worried about how all the stops would overlap, with one commenting, “That looks impossible to spin them all manually but with a go plus that place would be a supply farming dream!” and another sharing “Auto catchers only”.

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The number of PokeStops in the area seems to be caused by the local museum, which shows every exhibit in the building as being a stop. Those who were able to take advantage of the area likely found all the Dratini they could ever need, as well as an easy refill on Pokeballs and other supplies.

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