Pokemon Go player reveals free Pokeball trick to help stranded rural players

Zackerie Fairfax
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If you’re a rural player looking to capture a few Pokemon but are short on Pokeballs, here is a simple trick that will help Pokemon Go players top up for free.

Whether it’s the day before Go Fest or in the middle of Pokemon Go Community Day, rural players might be looking for a quick way to collect Pokeballs so they don’t go home empty-handed.

Many players spend the day (or days) before an event prepping for what’s to come. Clearing out Pokemon storage, training ‘mons for Raid Battles, and stocking up on the needed supplies. However, this prep is a lot easier for players based in highly populated areas than it is for rural players.

And just like Reddit user ryan2489, rural trainers often head into a community day with very few Pokeballs at their disposal. However, thanks to helpful comments, some quick tricks allow players to get a wealth of Pokeballs for free.

Pokemon Go Incense trick gives trainers free Pokeballs

The first trick was brought to Ryan’s attention by a user named ThePostManEST. They stated, “Pop that daily incense and get 30 free balls in hand.”

Players who have less than 30 Pokeballs (including Great and Ultra Balls) can use their Daily Adventure Incense to instantly gain 30 Pokeballs – free of charge.

Another user named Specialist_Ad_3642 suggested that they add friends and open gifts. And for those who don’t have local friends to play with, multiple users suggested visiting r/pokemongofriends subreddit.

And lastly, Egg_Custard reminded players of the Daily Free Box. While it contains scraps compared to other means, this at least gives players a few extra balls which could come in clutch during a Community Day event.

While tricks and tips aren’t true fixes for Niantic’s lack of rural player resources, any boost in Pokeball numbers is an important asset for gamers stuck far away from reliable Poke Stops.