Pokemon Go player submits negative survey to Niantic and gets insane luck right after

Chris Studley
Zigzagoon and Zapdos

One Pokemon Go player reported to have submitted a negative survey to Niantic regarding the mobile game. After that survey, the trainer received a number of incredible encounters.

Over the past few weeks, a number of controversies have popped up in Pokemon Go. Among those included the reduction of Wild Spawn radiuses after what Niantic called an inadvertent bug fix, and a complicated rollout to the Routes feature.

One Pokemon Go player took to an in-game survey and offered some negative criticism of the mobile game, but what happened next was interesting.

That player reported to have received a number of rare encounters, including a Legendary Bird.

pokemon galarian zapdos

Pokemon Go player’s luck turns after survey

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, a player by the name of ‘EvilRooster5377’ claimed to have submitted a negative survey to Niantic regarding the mobile game.

In the same post, the trainer also added several screenshots of Pokemon encounters that reportedly took place after the submission. Among the notable encounters included a Shiny versions of Growlithe and Zigzagoon, and a Legendary in the Galarian version of Zapdos.

In response, several Pokemon Go players jokingly posted comments expressing interest in getting a survey, likely in order to try and replicate the original poster’s successes in the mobile game. One fellow trainer bluntly stated regarding the situation, “I need that survey.”

Another asked whether EvilRooster5377 caught Galarian Zapdos, a Pokemon well-known for its high flee rate. The Zapdos was caught, although the trainer lamented it had poor IVs.

While some Pokemon players might not be as fortunate to get rare creatures, the good news is that Go players will have the ability to obtain Mega Tyranitar, as well as several Fossil Pokemon as part of Adventure Week 2023. Make sure to check out coverage for Adventure Week, as well as other Pokemon Go-related stories.

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