Pokemon Go player rages after failing Galarian birds eight times

The Legendary Galarian birds are some of the rarest creatures in Pokemon Go, and one player shared how they’ve encountered and failed these Pokemon eight times.

In August of 2022, Niantic introduced the Daily Adventure Incense to Pokemon Go which would allow players to use a free 15-minute incense each day. On top of giving players access to more spawns, the Adventure Incense also has the chance to spawn in rare Pokemon.

It was quickly discovered that the Incense’s encounter table included all three of the Galarian Birds: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. But due to their incredibly low spawn rates, players are struggling to find these Legendaries.

On top of their low odds of appearing, each bird has a 99% chance to flee if the trainer fails the capture. This often leads to players having one shot to catch a Galarian bird before they return to hunting.

Pokemon Go player fails 8 Galarian Birds

Since their release, the r/pokemongo subreddit has frequently been used by players airing their frustration. Several users have shared how they finally encountered a Galarian bird only for it to predictably run away.

Other trainers are jealous of those lucky enough to encounter them as a large number of people still haven’t seen one. But user biclea has been lucky enough to see eight Galarian birds, but that’s where their luck runs dry.

“1 month since the release of daily incense, still no bird!” biclea stated. “My turn to complain about the fleeing birds. Here’s a picture, a drama in 8 acts, part of several drama volumes!”

The post included a screenshot of eight different Galarian bird encounters over the last month, with all eight ending in the Pokemon fleeing.

It’s always sad to see a player who has come so close to catching a rare Pokemon fail the encounter, but failing eight Galarian birds is a different level of pain.

And while a few Reddit users took to the comments to express their condolences, the overwhelming majority of the comments were from jealous users who still hadn’t encountered a single bird.