Pokemon Go player shares favorite Pokestop of police officers making out

pokemon go coppers kissing

A Pokemon Go player shared their favorite Pokestop which is a piece of street art that depicts two police offers tongue wrestling.

Pokestops are the lifeblood of Pokemon Go as they are the main means of obtaining Pokeballs, Berries, Quests, and more. They are also an indication of where the most Pokemon will spawn in a town or city.

And in recent years, Niantic has allowed high-level trainers to submit their own Pokestops for approval. This has led to a wave of hilarious Pokestops being approved by peers making for some great content on the internet.

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Players often head to forums such as Reddit or Twitter to share their finds, whether it be horrendous Pikachu rides, inappropriate statues, or even their own works of art.

Cops Making Out is fan-favorite Pokestop

A rather humorous Pokestop posted to the r/pokemongo subreddit featured a mural depicting two British police officers embracing each other for a kiss. While not the original work of art, the Pokestop is a colorized rendition of Banksy’s famed Kissing Coppers stencil.

The Pokestop is simply named “Cops Making Out” and was posted by user Vandelay420. The user then asked their fellow trainers what their favorite Pokestops were.

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And the comments did not disappoint, providing various absurd stops and gyms. One user posted an image of a Gym named “Home Dream About Cheese Mural” which is a mural based on a scene from the Simpsons.

Another simply responded “Spock Jesus” with a link to another piece of art that looked like a mixture between the Christian Lord and Savior and the space traveler from Star Trek.

But there were also plenty of comments from users who admired the “Cops Making Out” Pokestop. “I want to friend you just for access to this Pokèstop,” one user commented. Another stated, “I love this stop, right next to my dentist, I always make sure to grab a gift from it.”

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