Pokemon Go discovers 20-year-old mural they painted became a Pokestop


A Pokemon Go player discovered a mural they painted 20 years ago has become an official Pokestop in the popular mobile monster collector.

Pokemon Go’s Pokestops vary from historical monuments, art pieces, sponsored gas stations, and downright monstrosities. And as such, many players often take to online forums to share their favorite stops.

Players have reported horrific depictions of Pikachu, nude statues with photos taken at weird angles, or museums filled to the brim with Pokestops.

But one player recently discovered that they were the creator of a local Pokestop, but they had made the featured location well before Pokemon Go was even a thought in Niantic’s head.

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Pokemon Go player created Pokestop 20 years ago

The discovery was made by Reddit user Dstareternl who posted a screenshot of the Pokestop “La Grange Alley Art” to the r/pokemongo subreddit. The caption read, “Over 20 years ago in HS I made a painting for my hometown, it’s still there, and it’s a Pokestop!”

Many of the comments below the post expressed their congratulations for having “made it.” While others thanked the user.

“I live here! Thank you for sharing this history!” one user commented, with replies from other locals requesting to meet up and trade. Another stated, “Didn’t expect to see my hometown on Reddit today, but here we are.”

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Oddly enough, several trainers were confused about which state the mural was in, with some living in or near a La Grange that didn’t house this mural. Players from Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina were left scratching their heads, as the mural is actually located in La Grange, Illinois.

Many historical or artistic Pokestops were established before Pokemon Go – and sometimes the entire franchise – was created, but it’s nice to know that some Pokestops were made by the hands that now toss virtual balls at AR creatures.