Pokemon Go player stunned after receiving “the most graphic” Pokestop gift

Zackerie Fairfax
pokestop dolphin

A player in Pokemon Go who received a gift from a friend was not ready to see the rather graphic and inappropriate imagery that accompanied it.

Pokemon Go has a neat feature that allows players who have exchanged friend codes to send each other gifts. These gifts are earned when a player spins a Pokestop and are adorned with pictures of the stop’s real-world location.

And since Niantic has started to allow players to take their own photos of Pokestops, there’s plenty of potential for things to get weird.

A Reddit user by the name of Adri4n23 shared a rather jarring gift they received proving that maybe not every landmark should be a Pokestop – or maybe players shouldn’t be allowed to take their photo.

PG-13 Pokestop stun Pokemon Go player

Adrian posted the stop to the r/Pokemongo subreddit. The Pokestop in question was titled “GIRL ON A DOLPHIN” Bronze Statue, but it wasn’t as innocent as it sounds.

The post’s caption read “I just received one of the most graphic Pogo gifts” and was accompanied by a picture of a full frontal of the statue. The gift’s image was an up close and personal shot of the unclothed woman from her thighs up to her head.

A street view of the statue shows that there is a lot more to it than just the girl. However, whoever submitted the image for that stop made sure to get a cheekier angle.

Comments poured in as some players shared their own Pokestop horror stories. “In Gallup, NM, there’s a stop at a statue of two bears banging,” one user commented, while another stated, “I always feel a little awkward when I send the logo of the P*nis Museum as a gift.”

The statue in question is located in Kobe, Japan outside of a local shop. It’s not a massive statue, but its presence was enough to warrant a Pokestop.

Some stated that the statue wasn’t inappropriate because it’s a public piece of art, while others argued the angle of the photo is what makes the gift unmodest. For a Pokestop that has “Dolphin” in the title, you don’t see much aquatic life in the photo.

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