Pokemon Go player reveals perfect Danny DeVito gift they received

Zackerie Fairfax
danny devito giving peace sign

Pokemon Go players can send each other gifts from around the world, but one trainer has made everyone jealous after showing off their perfect Danny DeVito mural gift.

Players in Pokemon Go are allowed to send trainers on their friends list one gift per day containing all sorts of goodies. However, many players get more enjoyment from what’s on the outside of the gifts.

That’s because players get gifts by spinning Pokestops, and each gift displays the Pokestop it came from when a player opens it. And there have been quite a few entertaining Pokestops discovered so far.

A recent Pokestop gift had players in shock at how graphic a dolphin statue could be. And another player sought the advice of others after they continued to send flirtatious gifts to their crush.

Pokemon Go player shows off Danny DeVito gift

On August 4, Reddit user and Pokemon Go trainer Lucasj_gaming402 would share an impeccable Pokestop with the r/pokemongo subreddit.

The Pokestop is of a Danny DeVito mural – the actor known for his iconic roles in It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia and Hercules – and fellow trainers were jealous.

“I would pin and favorite tf out of that,” one user comments, to which Lucas stated that they had. Another player commented, “I’ve never been so jealous of a pogo gift.”

One trainer claimed that they lived next to the mural and loved seeing it to their overseas friends, the mural is located in Australia. They were then bombarded with users requesting to friend them so they could receive the gift for themselves.

It was later revealed that the mural also features the faces of Elon Musk, 50 Cent, the Child, and Muhammad Ali. However, the stop itself only recognizes Danny DeVito.

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