Pokemon Go community weighs in on “flirtations” stickers: “Y’all are dating now”

A Pokemon Go player has been exchanging “flirtatious” stickers with a high school friend and has turned to the internet to seek advice from Reddit.

Pokemon Go doesn’t have a lot of chat functionality, yet. But players from around the world can still play together and communicate via Remote Raids, gifts, and stickers.

Players can participate in an unlimited number of Remote Raids each day (as long as they have the passes), but two trainers can only exchange one gift and sticker every 24 hours.

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Stickers are consumable items that players can attach to gifts, and they can convey a range of emotions. From ones that simply say “hi” to others that may seem a bit more suggestive, stickers are one way to get a message across.

Pokemon GO Love Cup

Pokemon Go stickers used to flirt

Pokemon Go trainer Zealousideal_Intern5 took to Reddit to ask for relationship advice after exchanging several “flirtatious looking stickers”. The user stated they hadn’t spoken since high school, but they trade gifts with each other each day.

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“I’ve been noticing he’s been using a lot of the flirtatious looking stickers like the sitting Treeko, fainted Pikachu, the Charmander Hi,” Zealous’ post read. They also mentioned they started using stickers with hearts, but their high school friend continues to only use the same three stickers.

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Zealous then asked if this was something other people do, and Reddit had a lot to share. “Yall are dating now,” one comment read, while another stated, “I’m only allowed to send the sitting Treeko stickers to my girlfriend.”

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Others offered Pokemon Go love stories of their own, “I send this one Post Card that is a Broken Heart statue to my then-boyfriend all the time, he hated it” one user wrote before confirming they are now married.

One user asked if pinning the postcards of the gifts the two exchanged would be an escalation in the relationship. Sadly, Zealous stated that while they had pinned a few gifts, their high school friend had yet to reciprocate. “I guess it’s not as serious as I thought!”

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