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Pokemon Go player breaks catch XP record with epic combo

Published: 3/Jun/2021 1:39 Updated: 3/Jun/2021 1:40

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon community was stunned when a player broke the record for the highest catch XP score in Pokemon Go. The Trainer pulled off the feat with a total combo count that is absolutely mind-blowing. 

Ever since the Go Beyond update launched in December 2020, the XP values in Pokemon Go have been completely overhauled. This has led many players to try to score massive combos when catching ‘mon.

On May 31, one Trainer managed to reach the highest score possible for a single catch. The incredible combo had the community watering at the mouth.

Catching Jolteon in Pokemon Go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
One Pokemon Go Trainer’s catch broke XP records.

Pokemon Go player breaks catch XP record with insane combo

In Go, fans can chain various activities in the mobile game to get a boost of XP when catching a Pokemon. While most only get 2,000-3,000 XP, some users are able to obtain an eye-popping amount of points using combos.


One player took this to the next level when they managed to get 73,760 points with a single catch – yes, you read that right. User ‘AirbenderSteven‘ pulled off the incredible feature after catching a Pokemon during a 7-day catch streak.

The Pokemon fan uploaded an image of the moment he hit the record, showcasing all the various activities he did to reach the massive total. Using features in the mobile title, he was able to secure an 8x rate of XP.

WORLD RECORD CATCH XP! Absolute HIGHEST amount of XP you can earn in a single catch since Pokemon GO first launched. 8x XP for every single category except "New Pokemon" which only stacks with Lucky Egg and nothing else. from TheSilphRoad

The achievement is all the more impressive considering it requires you to catch ‘mon for an entire week before executing an excellent curveball throw on the first try. According to AirbenderSteven, the lucky Pokemon that was caught to trigger the record was none other than Gen VI’s Swirlix.


“Swirlix!! Had it stacked in the Research rewards. I believe the quest was “Catch 10 Fairy Types” from a week or two ago. I needed a Pokèmon that would be relatively easy to catch in AR mode,” the user explained.

Interestingly, the Pokemon Trainer scored the highest amount of XP you can get since Pokemon Go had its launch in 2016. And according to one fan, a new player would jump up 13 levels if they managed to get that amount of XP at once – pretty mind blowing.