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Pokemon Go trainer becomes world’s first level 50 player during Twitch stream

Published: 25/Jan/2021 20:10

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Go player stunned the community after becoming the first trainer in the entire world to reach level 50. The dedicated fan reached the milestone while streaming live on Twitch.

Four years after its groundbreaking launch in 2016, Niantic announced that Pokemon Go would be getting an increase from level 40 to 50. The new cap was supposed to give trainers an epic challenge to tackle in 2021.

However, just a few weeks into the new year, a dedicated player has managed to already reach the endgame. The talented Australian fan streamed the moment he overcame the epic milestone on Twitch.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go player Fleeceking hitting level 50.
Niantic / Twitter: @ItsFleeceKing
Pokemon Go streamer FleeceKing became the first level 50 trainer in the world.

Pokemon Go level 50 already reached by fan

Popular Pokemon Go enthusiast and streamer FleeceKing is the first player reach level 50 in the hit mobile title. The Australian trainer went live on Twitch to showcase his sprint reach the momentous feat.


During marathon session, the Sydney-based content creator reached the XP he needed after throwing a perfect curved Excellent throw to catch a wild Charmander. “This is it! First in the world!” the fan exclaimed.

After catching the popular Gen I Fire starter, the streamer backed out into the overworld where the trainer rank 50 badge popped up. “Yeah, let’s go! There it is. Level 50. It’s 3AM! It has been done, in the history books. First legitimate level 50 player in the world. I will wear it with a badge of honor, and achievement!” he screamed.

The Pokemon mega-fan reflected on the moment and joked, “I’m sure at some point in my life, you know an achievement will be having a child or something. But a close second will be level 50.”


Those looking to also reach level 50 are in for quite a challenge. Over on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit, users posted the new requirements to hit the final trainer cap. Landing 999 Excellent throws is not for the faint of heart.

Level 50 Requirements from TheSilphRoad

The level 50 feat is all the more impressive considering it was beat in just under two months. Most players will be spending all of 2021 to hit the milestone, and yet some of the game’s most dedicated are already breaking it.

FleeceKing will no doubt go down in history as one of the game’s most iconic trainers. If Niantic were to ever increase the level further, it will be interesting to see how quick the community is able to reach the end again.