Pokemon Go fans debate which Galarian Bird to use Master Ball on

Brianna Reeves
Pokemon Go master ball

Not wanting to waste their Master Ball, one Pokemon Go player asked fellow fans for their opinion on which Galarian Bird to catch.

Several different types of Poke Balls litter the world of Pokemon. However, none of them are as valued as the Master Ball.

This rare Poke Ball type remains much coveted because of its 100 percent capture rate, meaning there’s no chance of a sought-after monster escaping its snare.

With that in mind, POGO players prefer to think long and hard about their next capture before putting the Master Ball to use. One such player recently called upon fellow users in a Reddit thread for advice.

Pokemon Go Master Ball question drives Galarian Bird debate

In trying to determine the best Galarian Bird to use their Master Ball on, one POGO player flocked to Reddit. The Redditor, who goes by the username EmuPsychologist, said they’re hoping to avoid wasting their Master Ball.

Fortunately, they’ve received several opinions from Pokemon Go veterans, each of which seems worthy of consideration.

Interestingly, one user argued that since none of the Galarian Birds constitute “top choices” for raids or PvP engagements, the decision should come down to the Redditor’s preference.

Someone else made a case for Moltres and Zapdos; the former’s a smart route for Ultra League, while the latter’s status as a “decent Fighting type attacker” makes them good for raids.

The general consensus in the thread is that Zapdos should be the Pokemon Go player’s target for an easy Master Ball catch.

“I’d say Zapdos because you can use it in Fighting Cup and his flying type allows you to be strong against fighting and resist their attacks,” reasoned a Redditor in the thread. Another person similarly argued in Zapdos favor, saying it has the best moveset of all Galarian Birds.

The original poster hasn’t specified which route they’ll go in, but it seems Zapdos may be the safest bet.