Pokemon Go players try to explain the pain of losing Galarian Legendary Bird catches

Galarian Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go players have been plagued by the Galarian Legendary Birds, which continue to run or escape balls after head-earned encounters. Players say the pain is worse than being kicked in the crotch.

Pokemon Go players have been sharing their fretful encounters with the Galarian Legendary Birds for months. The trio was introduced alongside the Daily Adventure Incense in 2022, but players have found the birds are particularly difficult to capture.

At first, Pokemon Go players welcomed the challenge, intrigued by a mechanic in the mobile app that required patience and precision to achieve a successful encounter. However, as weeks have faded into months, the novelty of the challenge is wearing off, and many are at a point of frustration with both the Daily Adventure Incense and the birds themselves.

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Fans have taken to social media to air their struggles, with some sharing close encounters or repeated fails. Others have turned the low catch rates and high flee rates into memes that are both funny and painfully relatable to other players.

Pokemon Go players compare Galarian Bird losses to real pain levels

In a post by RaspberryWeiner on Twitter, the Pokemon Go meme enthusiast has uploaded an image of four different pain levels, the first three include a slap to the face, childbirth, and being kicked in the crotch. However, the last one is ranked as the most painful – watching a Galarian Legendary Bird flee.

Reactions in the comments are mixed, with many Pokemon Go fans agreeing that number four is the hardest to endure. One player states, “foreal ROFL” while another adds, “That’s why I don’t use my daily incense. Can’t bear the pain.”

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However, other fans are less amused by the real-life scenarios being used for comparison. One comment reads, “Not a woman but from what I heard childbirth is insanely painful. I guess this drawing was probably made by a man?” while another pointed out, “It takes an absolute legend to withstand childbirth. Two male, sensitive floppy bits don’t stand a chance. It’s funny though. Galarian encounters 10/10”.

While the Pokemon Go meme may miss the mark with some of the painful scenarios being used, one thing seems universally agreed on – watching the Galarian Legendary Birds flee is likely one of the most painful things players are currently enduring.

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