Pokemon Go parent shows off insane “one in 16.8 million” trade with daughter

Cassidy Stephenson
Sableye, Sierra's Phase 1 lineup in Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go parent has shown off their incredible trade with their daughter – which wasn’t even a lucky trade.

Trading in Pokemon Go allows players to fill up their Pokedexes with rarer entries and trade evolutions. To trade with fellow users, you must be friends with the person you’re trading with by sharing your Trainer codes.

Unlike mainline Pokemon entries, you must be within 100 meters of your trading partner. This requirement has earned criticism from rural players who wish to be able to trade globally due to their secluded location.

While strangers can trade with each other in the mobile application, becoming Best Friends increases your chances of getting a Lucky Pokemon. Keep reading to learn how this parent and child defied all odds with their incredible trade.

Pokemon Go trade between parent and child defied odds

Pokemon Go friends
One of the features added by Pokemon Go in the last few years is the ability to trade with friends.

A Reddit user posted their unbelievable trade with their daughter on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The Pokemon exchange resulted in a hundo Sableye and a hundo Totodile.

A hundo in Pokemon Go is any species with a perfect 15 out of 15 possible points in all three core stats – HP, Attack, and Defense. It’s equivalent to a Pokemon with six “Best” IVs in the mainline installments.

“Holy crap you guys got a non-lucky double hundo trade?,” one player asked.

The OP responded to the trainer’s question by providing more proof. “We do a ton of trading and gotten a lot of hundos out of it, But this is a first,” they wrote.

“The odds of this are roughly one in 16.8 million,” another person revealed. “Ironically about 20x better than winning the actual lottery.”

“I didn’t even know non-lucky hundos were possible until now. What luck!,” one user added.

Check out our article to learn just how lucky getting a hundo Pokemon really is.

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