Pokemon Go player is speechless after perfect Lucky Galarian Moltres trade

Pokemon Go Galarian BirdsNiantic

Pokemon Go fans are still struggling to catch the Galarian Birds, but one lucky fan has scored big after a trade provides a Perfect, Lucky Galarian Moltres for their team.

Pokemon Go players have been attempting to track down and capture the elusive Galarian Legendary Birds since their debut during the summer of 2022. Tied to the Daily Adventure Incense, the birds all have a tendency to flee immediately after being encountered and also have low catch rates that can make a successful throw difficult to manage.

While many fans have moved on to newer debuts like Kecleon, others are still set on obtaining the rare Galarian Birds for themselves in Pokemon Go. Thankfully, finding someone willing to trade can be a way around the low encounter rates and frustrating battle mechanics.

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This is exactly how one lucky player was able to add a Galarian Moltres to their team, and the trade included some unexpected bonuses that left others stunning in comments on the social media post.

Pokemon Go player adds a Perfect Galarian Moltres to their team

In a Twitter post by KieraaLC, the trainer exclaims, “Omfggg no words!!!” before sharing a video of a trade between themself and another player.

In the video, the Pokemon Go player swaps a Kantonian Articuno for a Galarian Moltres. The bird comes over without a hitch, and when its summary comes up on the display, the player learns the Galarian Moltres is both Lucky and has Perfect stats.

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Players in the comments are stunned, with many congratulating Kieraa. Others show off their own Lucky trades, encouraging trainers to swap Legendary Pokemon around for the best chance at good stats.

Because the stats of most Pokemon are random, and are often under Three Stars when evaluated, the chances of getting a Perfect evaluation are fairly low. Mixing that with the difficulty of obtaining a Galarian Legendary Bird, the trade is a fantastic success from every angle.