Pokemon Go player “completes the game” but not everyone’s convinced

Jessica Filby
Slaking Pokemon

Hundos are rare in Pokemon Go and are highly coveted among the community, particularly if it’s a powerful Pocket Monster. After all, who wouldn’t want a creature with full stats fighting for them in Gyms or PvP?

So, combine that with a Lucky Pokemon – who happens to be your best buddy – and is also a completely maxed-out Slaking, and you can see why one player was convinced they “completed the game” with the epic win.

As many know, Slaking is a pretty tanky Pokemon, often having a considerable amount of health and dealing enough damage to be pretty frustrating in Gyms. However, it’s not too strong when it comes to PvP, leaving many fans questioning why the player even committed to fully maxing it out.

“I have one of these from 2017 and one from 2018. They are still at the levels I caught them at (33 and 35) because I don’t want such useless Pokemon to be my highest CP” commented one user, slamming Slaking as “useless” and questioning why the player even maxed it out.

Others were quick to highlight that it wasn’t exactly a fantastic catch, but rather a lucky trade instead: “Ok, so, they didn’t catch this in the wild… you can’t catch a lucky Pokemon. I’ve gotten 3 hundos from trades myself. This really isn’t that impressive.”

One fan even brought up a tougher and more impressive skill in Pokemon Go, joking that boasting about this Slaking was “nonsense” and that the player needs to “throw excellent on Zubat, then you can talk about completing the game.”

Not all fans were as unimpressed though, with many joking that the poster needs to “run this in Master League just to specifically ruin the day of someone running Giratina Origin.”

Some even offered money to get hold of the Pokemon: “I’ll give you $1 to transfer that bad boy.” Another explained that getting this kind of luck for Slaking is “on my bucket list.”

“He won we can all stop playing now,” joked another member of the community.

Whether the player actually “completed” the game is certainly up for debate, but a Pokemon Trainer’s greatest achievement is entirely personal and should undeniably be celebrated, especially when it’s a Lucky Hundo.